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PRESAGE2 is a simulation platform for rapid prototyping of Agent Societies. It enables designers to investigate the effect of agent design, network properties and the physical environment on individual agent behaviour and long-term collective global performance. The platform is written in Java and open sourced under the LGPL licence.



  • Java-based
  • Unlimited agent computational complexity
  • Inter-agent communication
  • JBoss Drools rule engine integration
  • Pluggable database integration (Mysql, Postgresql, MongoDB)
  • Robust state representation and state changes
  • Multi-threaded simulation
  • Library of common tools (State machines, communication protocols)

Use cases

As a general purpose agent-based simulation and modelling platform, Presage2 has use cases such as:

  • Simulation of multi-agent systems
  • Simulation of natural phenomena, e.g. flocking, swarming, predator/prey.
  • Simulation of social phenomena, e.g. gossip.
  • Simulation of sensor networks, e.g. MANET, VANET, ad-hoc networks.
  • Simulation of games, e.g. Cooperation game, N-Armed bandit, Iterated prisoner's dilemma.
  • Simulation of norms and governance.


To get started with Presage2 you can read the tutorials on its usage and download it.


Full article: Category:Projects

  • LPG’ Game. Implementation of a variant of the linear public good game with Presage2 to investigate an allocation method based on distributed justice.
  • Kyoto Protocol. Modeling the Kyoto protocol as a common pool resources, with each country as an agent in the system
  • EVPool. A system to reduce load on the electricity grid from charging of electric vehicles.


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